Monday, January 4, 2010

One Year And Still Going Strong!

Today is my One Year Blogging Anniversary. Can you believe I have been writing this blog for a year? I can't. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I started this weight loss journey. Times really does fly.

I have a big announcement to make. In order to Celebrate my One Year Blogging Anniversary I have decided to RUN A HALF MARATHON! How crazy am I? I am feeling kind of crazy and almost ready to delete every word I just typed because once I post it I have to do it. :)

I am going to stay strong and use lots and lots of determination to conquer my goal. I am so excited and scared at the same time. I feel like a crazy person. What makes me think that I can do this? I don't know. I am just really determined to do something special to celebrate my 1st year of blogging.

Details? I will be running in St. Luke's Lehigh Valley Half Marathon at the end of April. Yeah, I know that is less then 4 months to train. Is it doable? I'm not sure but I am sure going to do my best to be successful in this run. I need to start training soon and I really don't know where to start. I need to start doing some research very, very soon.

This whole post sounds so silly to me. I have never ran a race in my life let alone a half marathon. I need to publish this post very quickly before I back out. Please let me know if any of you have any training advice or know of any sites that have helpful information.

The best part of doing this marathon is that any money I raise will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to help cure blood cancers. Now that is pretty awesome! If any of my followers would like to join me in this half marathon I would love some company. :) Click here to check out the information on how to register.

Am I Crazy???


Becky said...

I think that is a fabulous goal! I ran a half marathon a few years ago and started training at the end of Dec and the race was the beginning of May, so I think your plan is doable! I was in the best shape of my life when I did it which is why I'm planning another one this year. I'm not as ambitious as you though, mine isn't until June :). Good luck! Can't wait to read about your training!

Anonymous said...

good luck!! I'd really like to do something like that also. My friend ran her 1st half marathon and inspired me to want to do it as well. of course I can't even run a min at this
need to get up and at it if I want to pull it off.

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on the decision to run a half marathon.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good luck. I want to try one soon too. Cool running has training programs and I think LLS does too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I just decided to run a half as well in March. there are excellent training plans tailored to your needs here at

Or this is a basic 12 week program that is also really helpful:

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful thing to do! I have two lymphoma survivors in my family. When you put together your fundraising page be sure to share it with your blog readers so we can support you!

Happy training!

Ashley said...

I have a 13-wek training schedule for training for a Half Marathon that I use. Some plans have to just do regular runs during the week and then gradually increase the distance you run on the weekend. This plan has speed workouts every Tuesday, which are super hard, and I think are the reason that my long runs on the weekend went so well. There was never a time when I didn't feel prepared to do the long run on the weekend. There is also a short run ever Saturday which I put in so that any weekend I wanted to, I could run a 5K for my Saturday workout. Anyway, I am happy to share if you want it; just let me know what e-mail address to send it to. It's not a professional plan; it's just one I made up to fit the time I had based on looking at a bunch of plans I looked at online. But I liked it.

less of me said...

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I hope I can be as successful as you have been in a year!
Wow-a half marathon. You go girl! I have no advice to give, since I am just starting to run. But, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Yes, you're half marathon is doable!! Can't wait to hear how all the training and the half marathon goes.

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