Friday, January 8, 2010

No Energy Today

I woke up this morning with absolutely no energy. It feels awful to be sitting around the house doing nothing when all I want to do is run. I am hoping as the day goes on I will get some more energy. Otherwise this will be a day off from running for me.

Last night I ran 2 miles. I actually ran 1 miles without stooping. I ended up walking about 3 minutes of the 2 mile that I ran. I decided to take it easy yesterday and only do two miles since I went to the gym earlier in the day.

Marathon Training Stats:

Distance - 2 miles
Time 33 minutes
Calories - 400 including warm up and cool down.

30 minutes working with the exercise ball, weights, stepper, jump rope, resistance bands and running in between each ten reps.
15 minutes on the elliptical

I have to say it felt really good to run one mile without stopping. That is a first for me and I found it motivating. I think that is what kept me going. My biggest problem is that my MP3 player died and I had to stare at a wall for the 33 minutes that I ran. I really need a new one but can't afford it right now. Maybe in a few weeks. I really think listening to music makes a run so much easier.

For dinner last night I made my recipe for Pretzel Chicken Cordon Bleu. I love it. This time I used 2% American cheese instead of mozzarella and chicken broth instead of water. I actually like it better this way. And after my run I decided to eat a whole one of these huge pieces of chicken. It tasted so good.

Progresso Soup:

Today my daughter and I split a can of Chicken with Wild Rice. It was so good on such a cold day. It tasted great alongside a warm grilled cheese sandwich.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That pretzel chicken does sound good.

TLEstrogen said...

That pretzel chicken sounds great! I woke up lacking energy this morning too. Got up a bit early which probably has something to do with it. Workout was a bit of a struggle but I got it done--just took a bit longer on the machine. My mood would improve greatly if it would warm up outside!

Thunder Thigh Wife said...

I'm totally making the pretzel chicken this weekend. It looks delicious! I've been reading your blog recently and love it!
Good luck with your marathon training.

Anonymous said...

I saw that recipe somewher and wanted to try it! thanks for sharing :)

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