Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saving Money By Cleaning Your Fridge

I really need to clean my fridge out. Did you ever think about how much money you can save just by keeping your fridge clean. Make sure you read to the bottom of this post.

(My Grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave as I am posting these pictures. She was a clean freak and as much as I would love to be I don't have time to be. I'm not a dirty person. I am just real. I have two small kids that come first and I am a work from home mom. Sometimes everything else gets put on hold. Like my fridge unfortunately. Please remember this when you look at the pictures. :) )

If you are anything like me you go in the fridge to cook dinner and move things around a little until you find what you are looking for. Imagine not having to move things around. Imagine just looking in your fridge and being able to spot everything that is in there with just a glance. That would be a dream come true for me.

Every week I get so mad at myself because I find the leftover watermelon from two weeks ago or some leftover rice that we could have had with dinner a few night ago. I always seem to be wasting something. It is very aggravating. Imagine how much money I could save if I would have used that package of 3 tomatoes and the head of lettuce before they went bad.

My challenge for the day is to clean out my fridge and freezer. That means take everything out, scrub every surface of the fridge and freezer, throw out anything that is outdated or obviously has gone bad, and rearrange everything else in so that I know where it is when I need it.

If you are still wondering how you can save money by cleaning out your fridge. Think about how many bottles of half eaten salad dressing you throw away each year. Usually because you can't find it until it is expired of course. Think about how many times you buy ketchup because you think you are out of it and come to find out you have three half used bottles in the back of the fridge. How about the number or half eaten salsa, relish and pickle jars you throw away each year. If you are like me several times a year you probably throw out the old freezer burned half eaten ice cream that got hidden in the back of the freezer. Imagine if you could see it and eat it when it is still good instead of having to buy more. Just yesterday my husband bought himself a new bottle of light ranch salad dressing because he thought we didn't have any. Here it was way back in the back of the fridge on it's side. Now we have two almost full bottles and I'm sure one will expire before my husband uses it. My list could seriously go on and on.


Having a cluttered fridge can cost you possibly a few hundred dollars a year. Please join with me on this Challenge of keeping our fridge clean and saving money at the same time.


Meet My Fridge:

I will post more pictures when it is nice and clean. It may take me a few days. Just Kidding :)


WWSuzi said...

Yours looks just like mine!

The Crazy Crabb said...

I hear you Jess! Mine is like that too...I just posted about the clutter in my house...i forgot about my fridge! LOL

We can play "eye spy" for ketchup bottles! I see three so far...two on the door and one in the fridge part. You will save money by keeping your fridge clean. How about an incentive? I will send you a fridge smart container if you can post the reorganized pics of your fridge by midnight!

Alison said...

Yours looks like mine! And it's just me and my husband! I often think of how much we would save if I made sure we used everything up! Maybe that will be my New Years resolution!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Especially since I posted it for the world to see.

That's so funny. I didn't notice three ketchup bottles. I will have to look for the third.

About the incentive. You're on! I will post some pictures by midnight tonight. Did I ever mention that I love Tupperware!!! I don't have any of the fridge smart container. They sound really neat.

Nicole Ross said...

Well, that's just like my fridge. I'm getting better now, I can actually SEE stuff in my fridge!

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