Friday, December 4, 2009

I Ate Like A Pig Today. No, I Think I Actually Ate A Pig Today!

So today was a great day. I went Christmas Shopping with my Mom and girls today. We had so much fun (even with two cranky kids). The down side to doing Marathon shopping with my Mom is that we love to eat.

We started out at 8:00 this morning and I got home around 5:00 tonight. I was exhausted and stuffed like a pig. We started our day out at Cracker Barrel where I had eggs, sausage, biscuits, ham and bacon. We shopped a little and then went for lunch at Red Lobster where I had shrimp bruchetta, Parrot Isle Coconut Shrimp, Walter's famous Shrimp and french fries. It was crazy! On the up side, we didn't have any snacks in between. :)

Then I got home and ate one and a half slices of cheese pizza and two Christmas cookies. What a day! I did have fun. I guess I just got caught up in the Christmas spirit and it felt good! The stomach ache - not so good.

Tomorrow's a new day. I have a big bag of salad mix in the fridge with my name on it and a lean roast to make for dinner along with maybe a baked potato and a veggie. It's gonna be another good day! I love Christmas!!!

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