Monday, November 23, 2009

Pudget Reader's Top 60 Weight Loss Staples

Pudget Reader's Top 60 Weight Loss Staples:
This list is definitely worth reading. Thanks to all who responded to my post a few days ago. You all have great ideas. I can't wait to try some of them. Thanks so much for sharing your staples list with us.

1. Fat Free Hot Dogs
2. Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls (to wrap around the hot dogs).
3. 100 calorie Rice Krispie treats (I even found Christmas colors).
4. 4 Weight Watchers Meals that I will cook up when I am in a hurry and make some extra veggies or a salad to go along with it. I tried the chicken enchilada yesterday and it was so awful I couldn't finish it.
5. 2 lean gourmet snack packs. One is buffalo chicken bites and the other is pepperoni pizza bites. I can't wait to try them. They only cost around a dollar a piece.
6. eggs (0f course - hard boiled, scrambled, you can't go wrong)
7. baking potatoes- my mom actually picked these up for me at Giant (I think). They cost $4.00 for 15 pounds.
8. baked Cheetos - probably not a good idea
9. Oscar Meyer 95% fat free Turkey Bologna - I love fried Bologna sandwiches (you can't even tell that they are healthy).
10. Kellogg's Special K Crackers - Italian Tomato & Herb (90 calories for 17 crackers. Yum!!!
11. Cracker Barrel 2% sharp cheddar cheese. Ridiculously expensive ($3.99) but it was the only 2% block that I could find and I was hungry at the time.
12. Frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts - 3 pounds for $6.00. What and awesome buy!!!
13. 2% shredded cheese for on salads
14. pickles
15. light bread
16. mustard
17. eggs
18. 2% cheese
19. salad mix
20. fat free/sugar free pudding
21. Kale (bake them until crispy w/ salt and pepper and a little garlic powder)
22. Spinach
23. Skim Milk
24. A real strong cheese (like asiago or fresh parm. A little goes a long way)
25. Honey Crisp Apples
26. Greek yogurt
27. salad
28. hummus
29. sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes, cut up and baked in the oven with rosemary, are heavenly!
30. smart pop popcorn in butter or kettle corn
31. Special K cereal
32. 100 calorie packs.
33. reduced fat cheese sticks
34. whole wheat mini bagels
35. peanut butter
36. high fiber cereal (trader joe's)
37. whole wheat bread
38. salad mix
40. shredded carrots (go Salad Shooter!)
41. clementines and apples
42. Delicata and Carnival squash
43. plain kifer
44. edamame
45. Mushrooms. Fresh and canned (no salt).
Add them to everything to fill it out. Especially the Lean Cuisine entrees. I add an entire can to the chicken fettuccine, and that will then fill me up. I add them to the Lean Cuisine pizza. Add fresh to salads.
Of course, you have to like mushrooms!

46. Sandwich Thins, or Sarah Lee Delightful bread
47. 94% fat-free popcorn - 100 calorie packs
48. low fat cheese (lately Sargento sliced)
49. peanut butter (on toast in the morning)
50. diet rootbeer
51. boneless skinless chicken breast
52. 1% milk
53. frozen veggies - esp broccoli
54. Steam in a bag veggies
55. Black beans
56. Laughing cow cheese
57. Apples
58. Popcorn mini bags
59. Morningstar Farms "Chik patties"
60. Squash (various kinds)


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Thanks for the great list.

Linda K. Hibbard said...

Try wearing wearable weights like “Body Togs” anatomically designed weighted sleeves worn on your arms & legs under your clothes. Put them on in the morning and you literally forget you have them on while increasing your calorie burn, muscle tone & bone density! Weighted vests work great too!

Mimi said...

Great list!

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