Monday, November 23, 2009

I Caved!

I don't know about you but breakfast is my hardest meal of the day. I am not a breakfast eater so I find it very hard to find something healthy and something that tastes good. My idea of breakfast is pizza or a donut or pretty much anything else that is unhealthy.

It has taken me ten months to realize that maybe I need to spend the extra couple dollars on breakfast since it is so hard for me to find anything appetizing. So when I was at the grocery store I caved. I saw some Weight Watchers bagels that were two points a piece but they cost $4 or $5 dollars. I decided to go for it. Then when I got to the cream cheese I saw these cute little individual Weight Watchers cream cheese. They were also $4 (I think). I decided to give it a try. I thought it might make breakfast a little more exciting and also a lot easier.

This morning I was very happy that I decided to spend the extra money on the bagels and cream cheese. It was so easy to toast and spread and it tasted so good. The best part is that I know that I ate exactly 3 Points for breakfast without doing any measuring. I know that I can't do buy this type of convenient food all of the time because I can't afford it but I think it was a good decision for me because now I am starting my days off right. A three point breakfast and I feel very satisfied.

The little cream cheese cups are so much fun. I feel like I am eating at a restaurant. :)

My 3 Point Breakfast - Yum!!!


Mimi said...

I'll have to check them out!

Lisa M said...

I find that breakfast I typically stay with the same meal all the time. It varies a little but it lets me know that I am on track for the day and to stay focused.

Typically I have a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate) mixed in the blender with 2 cups of milk (I'm not a milk drinker so this is how I get it in), a frozen banana and 6 ice cubes. Or I might start the day with a Chocolate Oat Fiber One Bar.

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