Monday, October 19, 2009

Product Review Part 2: Slim Shots

As you all know I have been reviewing the product Slim Shots for the past week. If you didn't read my last post about it click here. I am officially done with the free sample I was given and I have to share the results with all of you.

I will start off by telling you that I really did feel fuller when I used the product. My problem was that the full feeling did not keep me away from the chocolate in my house (don't worry it's gone. I ate it all.). I am awful. It doesn't matter how full I am I can still eat chocolate. Anyway, On the pro side I do think the product makes you feel fuller like the company claims.

Now to the cons of the product. Let me just say that they taste awful. I tried to mix the Slim Shots with things but they still left a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. The taste went away pretty quickly but that taste is just awful. It made me dread drinking my next one.

Also, the product did make me feel fuller but it didn't stop me from eating. I need to use willpower to lose weight not a product that I drink. I don't eat because I feel hungry. I eat because I am stressed. That is what I need to deal with. So for me this product would not work. I'm not saying it wouldn't work for other people because I do think it would. It just depends on your reasons for overeating.

Overall, I do feel like the product does what the company claims. If you have extra money and can get past the taste it definitely does make you feel fuller. I do think that this product could help people that are just starting a diet and feel hungry all of the time. If your problem is feeling hungry then you might want to give Slim Shots a try.


Anonymous said...

Bravo... what an honest review! I have seen those on the tv, but haven't decided yet!

Mimi said...

Great honest review. I tend to use homemade low calorie veggie soup to fill my tummy. It's great in the winter and it tastes good, too!

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