Thursday, October 8, 2009

And The Number Is..... Week 40 Weigh In

Ok, I am feeling kind of depressed at this moment. Not because I gained this week (I did but that's not the reason :)) but because I just typed week forty in the title of this post. I can't believe it has been 40 weeks since I started this journey and I have only lost 36.8 pounds. That is less then a pound a week.

Maybe this is the push I need to get my butt moving again.
I think since I lost 40 pounds I have relaxed a little with my eating (ok, maybe a lot). I need to get myself back on track and eat the way I know I need to.

This week I gained .4 pounds.
It doesn't sound bad but I have been gaining instead of losing for the past couple weeks and I really need to stop. I have decided today is the day to stop. Next week I am going to be telling you all how much I lost. Not how much I gained. :)

Today the scale said 179.8. That is up .4 and up 3.4 pounds from my lowest. I really want to get back to that 40 pounds lost.

On the up side I went to the mall with my sister today and found Three pairs of jeans (two with belts)and a beautiful sweater for $39. What a steal!

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: I have been sick and unable to run. I went last Thursday and I may go tonight. I tried to go today but I just couldn't do it. The sore throat and headache are not helping.

2. Track My Points Every Day: No

3. Water: I drank tons of hot tea because of the sore throat.

4. Late night eating: No

5. Snacking: Yes, too much! When I am sick I only want junk food.

6. Eating more fruits and veggies: started eating salad again last night. It was great. I forgot how much I missed it.

What do I need to do this week?

I need to get rid of this nasty virus and start exercising again. I miss it. I also need to start eating better. I relaxed for the past few weeks because I lost forty pounds and I was feeling good but now I want to lose more. So that is what I am going to do! :)



Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on your self. You have insipred me to ose weight (but I am a Lot heavier than you ever have been)lol :P I joined WW online this morning and hope i can stick to it and do as well as you have.. Thank you. I might blog about mine too... my hubs has challenged me! I will bury him! lol

Anonymous said...

So, I just stumbled on your site awhile ago and have been checking in to see how you're doing. I'm almost following your weight loss journey pound for pound! I'm a mom of three kids (ages 4,3, and almost 2) I started at 210 lbs and am currently down to 177. I've seen as low as 172.9, but went back up after a week of non-dieting and eating whatever I wanted! I started this journey last September and am determined not to quit until I see at LEAST the one sixties if not the one fifties. (My first goal was 30 pounds by the time I turned thirty in December...I didn't make it on time, but it helped me start) I'm kinda all over the place when it comes to method. it started out with weight watchers, but then after really no losing ANYTHING over the summer I decided to do low carb...with my husband. That's really helped me jump start. (except for this last week!) Anyway, thanks for this blog. I'll be back to keep up to speed on your progress.

Heather & Chaos said...

You know I found that happened to me too! Don't let it spiral and you gain weight. Get back on track NOW. I hope you start feeling better soon. Losing weight while you have a cold is not doable it seems. All I want to do is munch at that time too. =(

Mimi said...

I'm so sorry that you've been struggling. I've been having absolutely no luck getting my rear in gear. I'm going to try to join in your motivation and try to kick it into gear tomorrow!
*cyber high five*

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I've been struggling too. Hope we can both get back on track this week.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting back to business!! :) I always feel best when i'm eating well & exercising regularly! I hope you're feeling better soon, I had a vicious head cold last week so know where you're coming from. I stuck with Yoga for the week, easier than intense workouts when you just feel like staying in bed!

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