Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Am So Sore

I am learning that I really need to do a few cool down laps after running. I am so sore today. I could barely sleep last night. I think part of it is because I had to go to the gym three days in a row and those were the only days for me to do the the Couch to 5K this week.

The instructions for the couch to 5K say to have a resting day in between. Now I know why. I really didn't feel any pain until after the third day. Hopefully giving myself the weekend to rest will make me feel better for next week.

I am really excited about doing week two of Couch to 5K again. I really enjoyed it yesterday. I feel so good once I am done and honestly I haven't had any trouble with the running yet. I'm sure that will come soon enough. I am surprised that I am enjoying it so much. Maybe I will really like running. :)

I think I enjoy it so much because I am by myself listening to music and just planning my day and week in my head. It just gives me some time to think as I run around the track. I find it very relaxing.

Next week I am definitely going to do my cool down after my run. Yesterday I ran and when I was done I went straight into lifting weights, doing the resistance bands and the exercise ball and then I did a couple cool down laps when I was done. I think I will do it in the opposite order next week. I will do the cool down before I start lifting and hopefully it will help me to not be in so much pain.

Has anyone else that is doing or has done Couch to 5K (or is a runner) had this problem? What do you suggest?

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

definitely do a cool down after your run and don't forget to stretch. Stretch the next day too. It helped to break down lactic acid in the muscles.

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