Thursday, September 3, 2009

And The Number Is.... Week 35 Weigh In

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What a week. The wedding was great and I was able to make it down to 176.6 by Saturday. It was so hard. I am glad the pressure is off because the last month was a killer trying to fit into that dress.

This does not mean I am stopping or giving up. It just means that I am not going to the gym 4-5 times a week and eating no carbs. It is to hard for me. I have two little girls that need me way more then the gym. I will probably go back to my 3-4 days a week routine and then do some exercise at home in bewtween.

The number on the scale this morning was 176.4 lbs. Which brings me to a total weight loss of 40.2 pounds. Whahoo!!! Actually I am shocked. I really haven't been careful about what I have been eating since the wedding. It is also that time of the month. So I have a feeling the weight will catch up with me next week. :(

I had a lot of great new foods this week from the Hungry Girl cookbooks. My sister has made several of them and shared with me. The same with some new food finds that she food. She is so sweet! I will have to tell you all about them this week.

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: I haven't exercised since last Thursday! :( Yikes!

2. Track My Points Every Day: some.

4. Water: A lot but not as much as I should.

5. Late night eating: The last two nights I ate a bowl of Blue Bunny Suger Free, Reduced Fat Ice Cream before I went to bed. I don't ussaully eat ice cream much but for some reason I was really craving it. It was awesome! Also, last night I ate 1/4 of a bag of Tator Tots. That will catch up with me tomorrow.

6. Snacking: Way to many to metion.

7. Eating more fruits and veggies: Lots of salad with tomatoes from the garden and lots of watermelon.

What do I need to do this week?

Get back on track.
My daughter has croup this week so it has been a little stressful trying to stay on track. I kind of gave myself a little break this week to take care of my daughter and clean my house after the crazy month of August. I need to get back to the gym next week too.


Margie said...

I stopped by because of the Slow Cookin' link, wow! good for you!

Lucrecia said...

OR, you could drink a ton of water this week and have a great weigh in next week! Congrats girl, you are truly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great job on the loss with the wedding and all! Sounds like you have a great plan with going to the gym 3-4/week and eating some carbs. I've found that sometimes it's good to do things like you did this last month with tons of focus and attention on the weight loss, but for most of us (or me anyway) it's not realistic to keep up that pace forever. I thinks it's great that you realize that and have a new plan. I sometimes expect myself to always sustain the level of intensity that I have managed for a few weeks at a time and I get very frustrated when I don't.

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