Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Budget Friendly Lunch

Today when I got home from the gym I was starving so I had a huge lunch. I wanted to have lots of protein but I also wanted to have some carbs because I can't have them after 3pm. So I had shredded chicken on two light buns with Heinz Hot Relish and a big bowl of watermelon.

I was so full when I got done that I just wanted to take a little nap. Surprisingly it kept me full all day until dinner. If you haven't ever tried Heinz Hot Relish before you should give it a try. It is my new favorite food. I had shredded chicken on a light rolls for three meals in two days because I just love that relish.

If you are wondering I did do my budget friendly chicken trick again. Click here to check out the post in case you missed it. It really does make my life so much easier and more affordable this way.


jerricaparr said...

Oh gracious, looks super yummy!!!

If you don't mind, would you check out my newest blog post?

I'd appreciate it.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm going grocery shopping today. I'm definitely going to try that relish.

Mimi said...

That looks fantastic, but I would probably use bread & butter pickles or dill, because I don't like HOT foods!

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

You are doing an awesome job and you look amazing! Love the wedding photos.

Lisa said...

I have checked three stores for the hot relish. No luck. Where did you find it? By the way, the wedding pics are great. Congrats on 40 lbs. I started WW last Tuesday--don't feel like I have lost any--find out tomorrow!

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