Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping And Weight Loss Don't Mix Well

I got back from my 9 day camping trip yesterday. We had such a great time! It was so refreshing and it gave me time to think and realize how very much God has blessed my life. It was just an amazing vacation. Everything was beautiful and perfect. Even the kids. :)

The only problem was that we brought so much food. The one thing that I didn't account for was when it rained. What do you do when it rains and you are camping? Play games or eat! It rained quite a bit while we were camping. We didn't have all day rains. We just had mostly showers here and there. It wasn't to bad. Just enough to make me snack to much in between meals. The thing that I was trying to avoid.

We didn't sit and snack every time it rained. We also went on a little hike when it rained the one day. We didn't plan for the rain while we were hiking it just happened. To tell you the truth it was kind of fun being out in the rain.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry. I guess from the rain.

My husband and daughter hanging out under a tree during the downpour.

This was another one of my problems. Roasting hot dogs and S'mores over the fire. Which was also probably my favorite food while we were their. The one day I ate three regular hot dogs over the fire. Yikes! On another day I ate three S'mores and some extra roasted marshmallows. I don't even want to know how many points I ate. I don't know what I was thinking. Marshmallows over the fire are probably my favorite food in the whole world. :)

I know it sounds like all I did was eat but we actually got in a lot of exercise throughout the week. We took our bikes which was great and come to find out my dad has a hitch on his truck so we didn't need to spend the extra money to get one before we left. My daughter had a blast riding her bike. It was hard to get her off of it.

We also walked a lot. The beach was .6 miles each way and we walked to the beach at least ten times throughout our stay.

Jumping on the sand castle before we left for the day.

My beautiful family!

If you want some good exercise try pushing a double stroller on one of those trails. Better yet try carrying a 22 pound baby on your back. I can't complain. I love that carrier. It came in very handy. My husbands cousin gave it to us when their children outgrew it (about five years ago) and we never used it. I kept telling my husband to throw it out but he wouldn't. Boy and I glad that he didn't. My daughter loved it and she was so cute in it.

We also went fishing and my daughter caught her first fish.

And I caught my first fish in at least 15 years. :)

We also took the dog swimming. I didn't realize that Border Collie's like the water. Jake loved it!

And we washed lots of dishes.

And my favorite picture from the whole camping trip.

Enjoying the rain!

Now that I have told you about our whole camping trip I guess I can tell you what number was on the scale this morning. The number on the scale was 187. Yikes! I am up 4 pounds. I really don't feel like I ate enough to gain four pounds and I don't feel four pounds heavier but that's what the scale says. I did eat more food then I should have but I exercised a ton and drank more water then ever.

I really thought I would come back weighing the same as when we left. Boy was I wrong. Honestly the only things I over ate on where the hot dogs and S'mores. Ok, and maybe some snacks. I was very careful with everything else. I did eat a big (healthy) breakfast every morning. My favorite was cream of rice with light toast with spray butter. I was able to almost completely resist the Tasty Cakes. I had one pack on a day that I was feeling down because I felt really fat. I had just gotten back from the beach and seeing so many skinny people in bathing suits made me feel aweful. So of course I ate. I really wish my mind didn't work like that.

It was very discouraging to see that number on the scale this morning but I am not going to let it get me down. I went on vacation and ate to many hot dogs and S'mores and now I need to work them off. I am excited to see if I can lose all of the extra weight by Thursday's weigh in.

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

looks like you guys had a GREAT trip! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Inspiration CAN be found EVERYWHERE said...

Just remember (or go look) at how much sodium are in those hot dogs! Depending on how many you really had over the course of 9 days - you could have had at least 2 times as much sodium each day than you normally do. THAT could very well be part of your problem with the scale. I do find that vacations and eating out are big problems because of "extras" but definitely the increase in sodium no matter how much water I drink.

Relax your mind and increase your water this week and I bet those extra scale numbers will disappear faster than they took to appear.

Shelley said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time and that's what is important. The four pounds will be gone in no time, but the memories of the family vacation will stay with you and your kids forever!

And I concur, everything tastes better when cooked over an open fire...craving those roasted marshmallows now!

Big Girl said...

Welcome home. It is nice to get away and just be able to "be" with your family and not feel so rushed and torn in 1000 different ways.

I love the pics.

Uncle Matt said...

No mention of the mountain pie eating competion??!?

Seriously, we had a GREAT time visiting you and wish we could have made it up for an overnight. But... our guest bedroom is painted and the bathroom is nearly re-vamped.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Hey Matt,
I had to save something to write about tomorrow. :) I wish you guys could have stayed overnight also but at least you were able to make it up for the day. Thanks for the PB and Banana Mountain Pie. I have been craving it ever since. Can't wait to see your guest room and bathroom.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sound like a great trip. Don't let the scale get you down. Just try to get back on track. I'm trying to.

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time.
You can't stop living. We got back from our long weekend and I was up 4 lb. but lost it pretty much in the next 3 days. i got back on track and drank lots of water. I think it was from all the salt.


Anonymous said...

I noticed your dog. I have a border collie too. They are a great dog!

Anonymous said...

Um, pretty sure nothing is better than hotdogs and smores! Glad you had a great time, and glad that you aren't beating yourself up over a few pound weight gain :D

My daughter had that same fishing pole and she still uses it on vacation, and she's 17!

The Millers said...

I ALWAYS gain weight when I go camping. I think it is partly because my schedule is thrown off and I do not drink enough water. Don't get discouraged. Next week will be better. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Brad and Lisa said...

You can do it, your blog is super encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing and being so honest!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

What cute kids!! Love the pics! Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

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