Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Breakfast Was So Good!

Today's breakfast was so good. Again I took some advice from the comments on my breakfast post (found here). Several people mentioned that they eat egg beaters for breakfast and this morning an omlet sounded good.

So I got out my egg substitute from Aldi (1/4 cup = 30 calories/0 Fat)(I used 3/4 of a cup), a red onion that I sliced and sautaed in PAM, chopped tomatoes (leftover from out tacos last night), 4 slices of Healthy One's Ham (7 slices are a serving but that was a bit much for an omlet) and my store brand hot sauce.

And This Is What I Made:

It was a little hard to flip but other then that it was perfect. I ate it with two slices of light bread with ICBINB Spray. It was so filling and really hit the spot. I ate it at 8:30am and it held me over until 1pm.

Thanks again to everyone who left comments on my breakfast post. I found all of the comments so helpful and I am really enjoying trying so many new things.



Katie said...

That omelet looks delicious! I'm craving cauliflower like a madwoman right now, so that's my breakfast today, but I think an omelet is on my menu for tomorrow!

Inspiration CAN be found EVERYWHERE said...

I love omelets because you can make it different every day if you want - plain, cheese (ff or lf) varieties of veggies, chopped ham, canadian bacon, MSF crumbles ...... endless. I try to have one at least once a week.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would share a yummy low point meal.
I was so full...I almost could not finish it.
Chicken fajita pita
wheat pita 2 pts
3 oz chicken mixed in fajita marinade (store bought) 3pts
red and green peppers and onions steamed with the cx mixture
1/4 regular cheese 3pts
topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and a salsa made out 1 can ro-tel with cilantro and jalapenos mixed with 1 can of black beans. i used 1 pt worth. It had so much flavor all for 9 pts. It could be less if you used light cheese and f/f pita etc.

Cassandra said...

I love eggs with the heat of hotsauce for breakfast too. I also love whole wheat bread toasted with pb and sliced banana or jelly. Holds me forever. I am down a couple pounds but have not been exercising and thats a must for me...your loss is the updated photo...really gives me another kick to get off my hiney, dust off the seat of my pants and get back after it...

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks for the great recipe!

Angie said...

I just thought I would post this idea for the omelet. You can put the egg beaters, or eggs in a sandwich size ziploc bag and add all your fixings such as cheese, ham , tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, whatever and then you zip the bag and put it the water. You just boil in the bag til they are done. I am not good with how long you need to put them in for just however you like your eggs cooked. I love this idea because then everyone can eat at once and everyone can eat a hot omelet. I am not a breakfast person either, but I do love this breakfast from the South Beach diet book, a poached egg, two pieces of Canadian bacon, and saute spinach and onions. I love it. I can have it for brunch instead of breakfast. I hope that helps. God bless. Angie

salsumetri said...

That looks os good. Going to give this a try tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe Hmmmmmmmm

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