Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Hate Breakfast!

I wanted to write a post today about eating healthy breakfasts. This is one area of my diet that I really need to work on. I think that if I can get things figured out in the breakfast area I will feel better and lose weight quicker.

The problem is that I have know idea where to start. I am the type of person that wakes up way to early with my kids and feels hungry and nauseous (I think from lack of sleep) at the same time. The only thing that sounds good to me in the morning is Chocolate (muffins, cupcakes, cake, donuts, etc...). So what do I do? I either give into my cravings and eat unhealthy or I just skip breakfast completely. Neither of which is good for me.

I really want to be that person that gets up in the morning and gets a bowl of cereal and a big piece of fruit. I really would like to enjoy a breakfast like that but for some reason I can't stand the thought of healthy food in the morning.

It's kind of funny because when I was growing up my Mom would not buy cereal with sugar in it. I was always so jealous of my friends because they all ate the "good" cereal for breakfast. I do remember that instead of the sugar free cereal I would eat any cupcake, cookie, donut or dessert we had in the house at the time and that would be my breakfast. Either that or cold pizza (which by the way I still love to do).

Maybe it's just something that I got so used to doing as a teenager that I can't get rid of the thoughts of needing sweets in the morning. It is kind of crazy and sometimes I wonder if I am the only person in the world that feels this way about breakfast.

So I know I have this problem that I need to resolve but I'm not really sure how. It's not as easy as just eating it. I need to find some breakfast foods that sound appetizing to me at the same time as being inexpensive, healthy, filling and quick. Every week I go to he grocery store in search of breakfast foods and come home without any. It is just that nothing healthy looks good to me. I would love to have a healthy casserole that I could make the night before and bake in the morning.

Do you have a problem finding appetizing breakfast foods? What do you eat for breakfast?


Anonymous said...

I'm like you, I need something sweet. What I almost always eat is a piece of wheat toast, with natural peanut butter and honey. I still get the sweetness, but I feel like it is better for me than other things I could have grabbed. Hope this helps!


Tamara said...

I too used to skip breakfast. And that's when I was at my heaviest. When I started WW, it was just one of those things that I had to force myself to do, and over time, the thought of eating something in the morning didn't make me "sick."

If you absolutely cannot eat anything in the morning that isn't sweet, you might find a few options that will work, but that may not be the best approach in the long run. You'll eventually need to branch out and try other options.

Personally, I'm done with cereal. It doesn't fill me up and I feel like I'm wasting the points/calories.

Here are some things that I eat for breakfast:

-fat free cottage cheese (high in protein!), sweetened with either splenda or sugar-free preserves and served over a multi-grain waffle (like low-fat nutri-grain or kashi)

-egg beaters! (either whites or the regular kind.) low in points and can be scrambled with veggies & low fat/fat-free cheese. serve with low point toast, a light english muffin or some fruit.

-oatmeal. not the pre-flavored instant stuff either. just plain, old fashioned oats. has a good amount of fiber and you can mix in different fruit. pretty cheap, too.

-greek yogurt & fruit. lately, i'm addicited to greek-style nonfat plain yogurt! (has a lot of protein.) i LOVE adding in fresh fruit (esp. strawberries & blueberries) and a little bit of splenda. so good and so filling.

-light soymilk smoothies. just blend with some fruit. i also add a scoop of low-point protein powder to mine, but i know that stuff can get expensive.

i know not all of those options will appeal to you, but those are some of my regular choices. i've lost 80 pounds so far, 20 more 'til goal. i can say, without a doubt, that breakfast has made a difference in my success.

i think no matter what you eat, just try to make sure it has a good balance of protein, fiber and carbs. you need the protein & fiber to keep you full and you need the carbs for energy to start your day.

Betty said...

I love sweets in the am too. I eat PB2 and dark chocolate chips in Oatmeal. It is perfect. It's heatlthy too!

Achieving the Real Me said...

Growing up, I never ate breakfast. When I met a trainer, he practically forced me to eat breakfast. I started eating chocolate protein shakes (I dislike most breakfast foods) with ice. I really enjoy them and I get my calcium and a lot of protein in first thing in the morning. The key is to make them in a blender and add ice. It is a great meal to eat while on the go.

Vanessa said...

I just found a new granola by Kashi. I think it is called Cocoa Beach or something like that. It taste and looks just like crumpled no-bake cookies and it is really, really good and chocolatey. You can have a 1/2 cup for a little over 200 calories and it is really filling with all the fiber that is in it. I love this quick and yummy breakfast!

Mimi said...

I do a lot of eggbeaters. When I'm not feelin that though I eat bars. Special K has vanilla, blueberry & strawberry. Their 90 calories, so with a glass of ff milk they work out really well. Sometimes I also cut up an apple or a pear & heat it in the micro until their a little soft. Then I crumble a bar over that & top with some ff whipped cream. If I'm feeling really crazy I'll thrown on a few almond sliced & some cinnamon.

I also like Soyjoy bars & Luna bars with a glass of milk, but I watch for them to go on sale of check the web for coupons.

For fruit a lot of the time I'll eat adult dried fruit strips. Like fruit rollups & quick & easy.

I hope some of this helped!

Jen said...

I know exactly what you mean- I used to skip breakfast or eat muffins (which are really just little cakes) or some other bakery product. Then I discovered oatmeal- I like it a little sweet, so I put in a bit of sugar (though you could use sugar subsitutes, agave nectar, honey, etc.) and I always add fruit (I love chopped prunes, apples, or berries) and nuts (usually chopped walnuts, sometimes almonds.) It is amazing with a cup of coffee, I actually look forward to eating it every morning!

Lena said...

I grew up on sugar cereal so when I started WW I decided to switch to something a bit healthier (aka. less points). I chose oatmeal and added a ton of brown sugar (hey, it was a start). Over the course of a year, I've managed to completely replace the brown sugar with blueberries. It was a gradual change but it worked for me. Good luck!

Kristen said...

I would suggest you have a cup of sugar free hot cocoa first thing in the morning to help with the sweet/chocolate thing. Maybe half an hour later you will feel like having breakfast and you can eat some of the yummy suggestions in the other comments.

Brooke said...

I found the perfect "sweet" for breakfast! Try Luna bars...they're 70% organic and very nutritious and tasty. I personally love the Chocolate Peppermint and Chocolate Nut Brownie Luna bars. You can buy them at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Trader Joe's, etc. Lately I've been eating a piece of fruit (banana, half of a grapefruit) first thing and then eat a Luna bar 30 minutes after. This is super filling and leaves me feeling so satisfied!

Anonymous said...

Give oatmeal a try with Nestle Choc. chips sprinkled will melt and give the oatmeal a nice flavor. I also make choc. box Duncan Heinz Devil's Food cake mixed with one small can pumpkin..stir, stir, want to add water, but DONT...stir until smooth batter. Put in muffins and bake 350 for 30-40mins...good for you and not a lot of points

Carrie said...

how about pie for breakfast...make this it is 3 points per slice (8 slices)

reduced fat graham cracker crust
1 tub of fat free cool whip
1 small packet of lime jello
2 yoplait light key lime yogurts
1/4 c. boiling water

dissolve the jello in the boiling water - mix with the yogurt - fold in the cool whip and spread in the pie crust. put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours...then ENJOY!!

It is sweet - but has yogurt in it - and it is light too :) You can make it with strawberry, peach or any flavor yogurt/jello you can find!! I love it! :)

Caro said...

If you like pizza for breakfast, maybe stock some english muffins and put some marinara sauce and a bunch of shredded cheese on it. Not the most healthy, I guess, but heading in a better direction than chocolate.

MamaHen said...

I just started WW and I now make myself eat bfast. I have found that if I drink a cup of coffee when I first get up then I can eat something about 30 minutes later. Have your tried something like Nutrigrain bars?

nicole ross said...

I eat Oatmeal (plain kind) and then add different kinds of fruits in it to make it sweet. Right now, blueberries and peaches are on the top of my list!

Journey of the George's said...

I have a pbj for breakfast every morning and it holds me until lunch. I will sometimes has a snack before lunch but most of the time not. I used SaraLee Delightful multigrain bread with 1 tsp of Peter Pan whipped pb. Very filling, easy to eat on the go or at my desk.

Anonymous said...

I make a smoothie or eat yogurt with honey and granola. Pineapple is great too! My most favorite thing in the whole world is Hostess powder donuts! ahhh ..I could eat the whole bag and I have coupons for those ..burning a whole in my pocket!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

You guys are the best. You have given me so many options that I hadn't thought of. Thank you so much!
Carrie, the breakfast pie sounds delish. I am going to try it. I just hope I can stop at one slice. :)

Journey of the George's, I am really hungry for a pb&j right now so I think that may be tomorrow's breakfast. Such a good idea.

Momma Hen and Kristen, I love the idea of drinking a hot drink (hot cocoa/coffee) and then eating 30min. later. Definitely a great idea that I think may work for me.

Caro, such a great idea. I love english muffin pizza and now that they sell 1 P english muffins. I can have pizza for breakfast without feeling bad.

Brook B., I have never tried any of the bars you mentioned but it would definitely be a great on the go breakfast. I have always wanted to try the Luna bars. Thanks for the idea.

Jen, Betty and Elizabeth, The oatmeal you described sounds delish. I want to try them all but especially the PB2 with chocolate chips. Yum!

Mimi, I bought egg beaters at the store today after reading your comment. thanks!

Achieving the real me, I have never made a protien shake before but if it is chocolate I'm sure I will love it. Do you just mix protien powder and milk?

Vanessa, I found the same thing but I ussually eat it as a snack on fat free yogurt. I never thought to eat it plain for breakfast. Great idea!

Adriene, I love the idea of peanut butter and honey on light toast. It sounds delish and the peanut butter would help me feel satisfied.

Tamara, Thank you so much for taking all of the time to type up all of your great ideas. They all sound wonderful. I really would like to try the soymilk smooties and the greek yogurt.

Thanks so much everyone for sharing your great breakfast ideas. They are all wonderful and I can't tell you how helpful this is going to be for me. I hope it is helpful to all of my readers. Thank you again.


Lucrecia said...

You've gotten good advice, I don't have anything new to try other than maybe something that isn't typical breakfast food like turkey or chicken?

I'm not one who can eat non-breakfast in the mornings though. Our brains are odd things huh?

MamaFeelgood said...

Amish baked oatmeal is awesome. It makes a ton of food and you can play around with the ingredients. Also..the calorie count is included on the link below.

Unknown said...

I just found your blog a few days ago from your guest post. I am really enjoying it. I have to chime in and say I am just like you - not a big breakfast eater. I am NOT an egg eater so finding some protein for breakfast is hard. I tend to gravitate to the "sweet" carb-loaded treats like you.

Thought I'd share a link to a recipe I found that I love. They are apple protein pancakes - yum yum! You can make them ahead and warm them up and the big plus is that they are made from oatmeal and protein powder so they are good for you. You may want to play with the recipe. I like to add some liquid some they are not so thick - and more like real pancakes.

LibraryGirl62 said...

Egg sammies:
1/4 cup egg beaters, 1 turkey sausage patty (I like Tenn. Pride best) chopped up. Cook in a tiny little smidge of butter/margarine. Scramble to put in a low carb tortilla or cook like an omelet to put in a high fiber English Muffin. Sprinkle with low fat cheese. Both my teenagers LOVE this! Since I cannot eat first thing, I wrap it up and take it with me. Quick, easy, travels well in the am. Lots of Protein to keep you full.

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