Thursday, May 21, 2009

And The Number Is ... Week 20 Weigh In

This week has been crazy like ussual but all in all it was a great week. My main problem this week was that my husband went to the grocery store and bought peanuts, chips and TastyKake cupcakes. Seriously, does he understand how mean this is? It is so hard for me to stick to my diet and even harder when I have this stuff around the house.

Let's just say that last night at 2am I woke up and went down stairs and ate a pack of those tastykakes that I have been drueling over for the last 3 days. I held out so long and then at 2am I ate them. I feel like a nutcase. I really felt so aweful about myself when I went back up to bed.

My exercise has been great this week. I started running on the treadmill. How awesome is that? I will tell you more about it in my next post. It is so exciting to be able to run.

I also went shopping yesterday which was really fun and my new clothes are great. I will have to take some pictures and show you all of the cute clothes and tell you about my experience of buying a smaller size.

And the moment you have all been waiting for. When I got on the scale this morning the number that saw was 187.8. This is a loss of 1.6 pounds this week and a total loss of 28.2 pounds. Yeah!!! It really feels great to see my hard work paying off

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise:
This was a great week for exercise. I went to the gym four days plus I got in a little exercise playing with the kids.

2. Track My Points Every Day: I am still not tracking my points like I should be. I am paying for this feature. Why am I not using it???

3. Exercise Points: I probably ate some of my exercise point this week when I was at my nephews birthday party.

4. Water: I think I should have drank a little more some days.

5. Late night eating: This has been such a problem the last few weeks. For some reason I feel like I am starving at night. I really need to get some lower fat snacks to much on. Maybe some Pirate's Booty ;). I really do think part of the problem is that I am not eating enough filling foods at dinner time. I will have to work on this.

6. Snacking: I snacked a lot this week. I can't tell you how many granola bars and apples I have eaten this week. At least I am sticking to mostly healthy snacks.

7. Eating more fruits and veggies:
I ate a ton of veggies this week. I really did great in this area. It is so nice to have my house stocked with fruits and veggies.

My goal for this week is to lose that 1.8 pounds and be able to say that I have lost 30 pounds. I am leaving for vacation next wednesday morning so I will be doing my weigh in then instead of Thursday. It will feel so great to go on vacation knowing that I lost 30 pounds. I'm so excited!

I hope you all had a great week. Check back later for my post on my treadmill run.


KK @ Running Through Life said...

I cannot wait to hear more about your running!! Go you!!! And, a great big congrats on all of your weight loss!!! You are doing AWESOME!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! Great job on the loss this week!

Carrie said...

Great job!! AWESOME LOSS!! You'll hit that 30 lbs gone in no time!! Can't wait to hear about the running!!

PMKU said...

Congrats! You are really making some serious progress. I would love to lose 30 pounds.

Marya said...

Congrats! You are very inspiring to me. I am now down 9 lbs. myself. One thing that is really helpful is not to have anything tempting in the house. Unfortunately I have one of "those" husbands too. He likes to stop at the bakery *sigh* But I was able to resist the last few times!

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