Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Favorite Snacks!

I thought this might be fun and helpful. Feel free to list your favorite snacks in the comments for all of us to get some new ideas.

My 5 Favorite Low Fat/ Inexpensive Snacks:

1. Fiber One Bars/Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars (I only buy these when I have coupons and match them to sales. Otherwise they are to expensive. These are my #1 favorite because I can eat them on the run. I feel like I am always on the run so I find them very handy.)
2. Grapes - (I only buy when they are .99 cents a pound or less. Usually one of the stores in my area will have them at this price every week.)
3. Hard Boiled Eggs - (This is one of my favorite snacks. I usually have 1 egg and 2 eggs whites for a snack. Of course with a little salt. :)
4. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait from McDonald's - (I love these things. I actually had one today. They cost $1.06 after tax. I only have these occasionally but it is definitely a healthy choice when you are out.)
5. 100 Calorie Bagel with 2TBSP of Weight Watchers cream cheese. (You might think this is a little pricey but the bagels and cream cheese cost about $6.00 and there are 12 bagels. This is approx. .50 cents a serving. Not bad for a 2 P snack.)

What are your Top 5 Snacks?


Mimi said...

Low fat swiss cheese & turkey lunchmeat. About 50 calories of each eaten together.

SF Jello cups w/ff Cool Whip


1/2 cup of cottage cheese w/ 1/4 cup pineapple tidbits

Unknown said...

Air popped popcorn- or recently I just got a microwave popper -love it! No oil needed.

Any and all fruit or veggies...sometimes with some ranch dip mix made with low fat sour cream.

laughing cow cheese with Special K crackers

String cheese


Todays snack is a HUGE salad, which I am about to post a pic of on my blog. :)

Im coming back later to see everyone's favs. :) Good post!


WWSuzi said...

Quaker mini rice cakes, heart healthy microwave popcorn, all bran bars, fruit!

Angie said...

Fiber One Yogurt
Fiber One Bars
& yes, pickles.

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Low fat string cheese, 100 calorie pack quakes, grapes or strawberries, fiber one bars, other 100 calorie packs...(I'm a sucker for convenience!)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the hard boiled eggs! So easy and so cheap! I also like to eat whatever produce is on sale and looks half decent (lately it's been apples and strawberries.)

Lucrecia said...

I'm really not much of a snacker, but nuts and string cheese top my list when I do. OH and a banana with a little peanut butter! I've heard great things about the Fiber One bars, I need to check them out.

Natalie said...

apple with laughing cow cheese!
fiber one bars

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas. I am feeling very hungry for apples and cheese. :) It seems to be a favorite.

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