Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Made It and A Great Food Find

Yep, I made it to the gym yesterday and it felt so good. I hate all of the time and energy it takes to get myself and the kids around and the bags packed to go but once I am there I love it. It is so nice to have a little break and do something for myself.

The best part is that when I pick my girls up from the gym's child care they don't want to go home. My four year old says "Mommy, I don't want to go yet" and the baby doesn't even notice that I returned. Some parents may be saddened by this but to tell you the truth it makes me so happy to know that my girls are having fun when I am gone.

The end result:
50 minutes on the elliptical
450 calories

Off to the gym again today!


Last night for dinner I didn't feel like cooking because my husband wasn't home so I found a frozen meal to eat. Let me first say that I don't usually keep individual meals in my freezer because of the price and I don't usually like them. But about two weeks ago I got a coupon for a free Kashi frozen entree. I picked it up at the grocery store last week and decided to eat it last night. The one I choose was Sweet and Sour Chicken. It had chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce, roasted green beans and yellow peppers with edamane and Kashi 7 whole grains and Sesame Pilaf.

To be honest when I was done microwaving I was grossed out. It looked like a plate full of weird looking grains. I figured I would at least taste it before I threw it in the garbage. I am so glad I did because it was wonderful. So don't let the look of it scare you away. I guess I am not used to eating lots of grains like that so it looked odd at first. The flavor was awesome! I am graving one right now.

I usually hate frozen meals because the chicken is usually chewy and they never fill me up.
That is if I like the taste enough to finish it. Yeah, I'm kind of picky about my frozen meals. This one filled me up like no frozen meal has ever before. I ate it for dinner and I was full for the rest of the night. The nutrition info is 320 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and 6 grams of fiber. That's a 6 Point dinner!

This meal is definitely something that I want to purchase again. I think they were on sale at my local store for $3.19 so I am going to check at Walmart to see how much they cost their. I don't think $3.19 is bad for a frozen dinner that I enjoy. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't eat it every night because the price could add up but I will definitely use it as a treat when I don't feel like cooking.

What's your favorite frozen meal?


Carrie said...

Great job on getting to the gym!! I know I feel the same way sometimes when we take Charley to the gym daycare (we take her there about 5 days a week!) but after the 2 initial days of crying when we left her she LOVES IT. and IT TIRES HER OUT! So I don't feel so bad it makes me a better Mommy by going to the gym. So look at it that way!! :)

Shelley said...

I'm laughing over here because the first time I tried a Kashi frozen dinner I thought the same thing as you...ewww, what is all that grainy stuff on the plate? But you're right, they taste pretty good and you just know they have got to be good for you with all of the veggies and grains!

Glad you enjoyed the gym - it is so much harder to get there with an "entourage" but it's great that your kids liked the daycare!

Who I Am said...

Congratulations on making it to the gym! I think the hardest part about the gym is actually getting there!

Pubsgal said...

Yeayy!!! Glad you made it to the gym! And sheesh, no need to apologize about using a healthy frozen dinner and giving yourself a break from cooking now & then. You've just gotten through a really tough time, with you all being sick.

Marya said...

I also avoided convenience meals because of the price but they are definitely good to have on time for when you a rushed. I have not tried Kashi yet but I like all their other stuff and will check it out.

autumnesf said...

I had the same experience with the Kashi meal (and free coupon). REally not bad!

Good job on making it to the gym!

Unknown said...

Oh how I wish you lived near me. I have literally a freezer FULL of these Kashi frozen meals I got for free at Publix. I HATE them. I am just looking for someone to give them to. But, I'm in FL, and I doubt they would make it up to you still frozen!

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