Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chocolate, Chocolate & Yes More Chocolate!

This is the Easter Chocolate that I didn't eat. You should have seen the pile a few days ago.

Just kidding. I did eat more then I should have but not as much as I just made it sound.

OK, seriously who needs this much chocolate? I don't know what to do with it. I don't want my girls to eat all of it and I surely don't want to eat it. So what do I do with it all? I know what I want to do with it. I want to have a nice little chocolate binge. :) Sorry but it is true. I'm not going to but I think I need to get rid of it before I have a week moment.

Maybe I will freeze what I can and then pull it out when my daughter wants some. The sad part is that both of the girls have another basket coming. We haven't seen my husbands parents yet and they always go overboard with the candy. We only got the girls a few pieces of chocolate this year because I know how much everyone else get them.

This is crazy. I really should be able to control myself around chocolate but I can't. It drives me nuts that I can't control this. Does anyone else have this problem?

I am so dreading weighing in tomorrow. I never should have had that first piece. Once I start it is so hard for me to stop. I just keep telling myself just one more piece. Yeah right! You know how that goes. Well I am making a conscious effort to not eat anymore chocolate. I am just not the type that can say OK I am just going to eat one piece a day. I either eat one or eat it all.

Sorry if I made you all hungry for chocolate with this post. Hope you are all having a great week.

My baby's 1st Easter. She was enjoying her first Chocolate Easter Bunny.


Anonymous said...

the picture is so cute..Okay so put away the chocolate into a cupboard you don't go to or have someone take it to work with them and leave it in the lunchroom. Someone is bound to devour it. Good luck at weigh in tomorrow..Fingers are crossed for ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the chocolate and candy in our house right now is ridiculous. I usually put some of it away for next year. Seriously. I did that last year and everything stayed good and didn't go bad. That way I already had some stuff for our own easter baskets and only had to purchase chocolate bunnies. You might consider that. Just don't dig into it! :-)

Carrie said...

Here is an idea - I see lots of neat textures of candy - open them up - the candy bracelets, cut them off their strings, the little sleeves of candy covered chocolates tear them open and put them in a bowl, unwrap most of those tootsie rolls (but save a few...they are lowest in points!! :)), unwrap some of the kisses and save the wrappers, open up the robbins eggs, peeps and m&m's.

Now grab, some cardstock, some glue, some glitter, and some of the easter grass from the baskets and your girls...and let them create!!

let them use all of that candy to make art, make pictures, just make sure they know they can't eat them when they are done, they can only hang them up for your family to see. And make sure they cover each piece with glue and glitter :) and HAVE FUN! Save them each 1-2 pieces per day for 1 week or so and that's it!! they'll have a blast, the candy will be gone, but not wasted and they will have a something to remember from Easter, other then a sugar high!! :)

Nixie's Mom said...

Freezing the chocolate is a great idea - it is really hard to eat too many when you can't quite chomp through them!

I've given a lot of our chocolate away and we found different things to give our daughter this year - like a certificate to the book store.

I have a really hard time when it comes to chocolate though....Easter has been hard. Glad it is over!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks for all of the great advice. I'm going to put some away for the girls to eat (a very little), and then I am going to freeze the Hershey Kisses for Christmas cookies and I love, love, love Carrie's idea of using the candy to decorate pictures. My girls with love it. Thanks guys!!!

Lucrecia said...

Can you send some of the chocolate to work with your husband? Thats one of the best benefits to working for me! I can bring it up here and put it in the kitchen on the other floor so its not tempting me. Of course I have to deal with all the other food brought in - its a double edged sword. We have a load too - I should take a picture, good idea!

Ashley said...

Chocolate drives me absolutely bonkers! If it's in the house, I HAVE to have it. I'm not like that with anything else. It's a horrible feeling!

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