Thursday, April 9, 2009

And The Number Is ... Week 14 Weigh In

I wanted to apologize. I have had comments asking where I have been lately and it has just been too crazy around my house to post as often as I would like. I am still sick. I seem to be slowly getting better. Maybe? I may call the Doctor today to get a different antibiotic. I'm not sure if this one is going to do the trick. Also, my baby and my husband are still sick but they seem to be improving each day. I am really hoping to be germ free by Easter :).

That being said I had an alright week. I was feeling a little better then last week so I actually tried to watch what I ate. I didn't track my points on but I tried to keep track in my head when I was feeling up to it. I didn't exercise at all unless you consider the huge amounts of laundry and cleaning I have been doing. I week sick can really set you back a lot cleaning wise. The only thing I hate worse then cleaning is cleaning when I am sick.

I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow but I'm not going to go if my nose is too stuffy or if the kids are sick. So I am really praying that we are all pretty good by tomorrow. It seems like such a waste to pay for a gym membership and not be able to go. It's killing me.

In the mean time I am going to be spending the next few days with my girls making dyed Easter Eggs, Cupcakes decorated for Easter and Rice Krispie Easter Eggs dipped half in chocolate and then decorated with sprinkles. My oldest daughter is so excited. The only problem I am going to have is resisting the cupcakes. Cupcakes are my weakness. I can just pop one after the other in my mouth without thinking about it. My best bet is to not have the first one because if I do I won't be able to stop. If anyone has any advice on how to stay away from the cupcakes I would love to hear about it.

And what you have all been waiting for. When I stepped on the scale this morning the number I saw was 192.4. I am pretty happy with this number because I know I didn't do my best this week so I am just happy that I lost. 1.2 pounds isn't bad. I really want to get to the 180's. I hope I have enough energy this week to keep myself motivated to get there. When I get tired my motivation flies out the window. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself how close I am to the 180's. I am enjoying typing those numbers :).

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: Zero.

2. Track My Points Every Day: I tried to track them in my head. I really need to get back to tracking. Especially with Easter coming up. Maybe it will help me stay away from the cupcakes.

3. Exercise Points: I didn't earn many and I'm not sure if I used them.

4. Water: I did ok with the water this week.

5. Late night eating: I did eat a bunch of mini chips ahoy but it wasn't at night. :)

6. Snacking: I only snacked a few times but when I snacked it was not the usual snacks that I grab. I just grabbed anything sugary. For some reason I really crave sugar when I am sick. Maybe because of the lack of sleep.

7. Eating more fruits and veggies: I did ok in this area. I ate lots of veggies but not many fruits.

I hope next week I will be telling you that I am in the 180's. I am going to try to get back to the gym tomorrow and start tracking my points as of today. If I am not tracking my points on Easter I could get into some trouble. I have a feeling I am going to be using all of my flex points on Easter day. That's what they are for. Right? :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a wonderful Easter. I know I am going to be enjoying spending lots of time with my family. :)


TJ said...

good job on semi-tracking. I know it is hard when you are sick!! Feel better soon! Good job on the loss this week!


Bonnie said...

I hope you feel better soon and get back into a normal routine. Congrats on the loss.

Shelley said...

You lost weight after that crazy week?!? You are superwoman! Congrats on the loss!!!

Sending good health vibes to you and your entire family - no more sickness!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're getting some time to rest and take care of yourself. If you don't - no one else will! All of the cleaning and other work will be there when you're feeling better. Keep up the great progress. Jen

wildfluffysheep said...

Hope you feel 100 percent better soon. Kudos on the loss. :D

Crystal said...

Hope you feel better soon. 1.2 pounds is not a bad loss when you are sick. Good job!

Gigi said...

You are doing so well - good going! Sorry to hear about all the sickness and hope the worst is over.

As to the cupcake avoidance, maybe imagining the sprinkles as ants or something would help. Have a great Easter.

autumnesf said...

A great thing I learned in WW a couple of years ago...

1 cake mix
1 room tempurature diet soda

Now make your cupcakes. These are 1 point each.

I liked strawberry cake mix with diet red mountain dew (which I can't find anymore).

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