Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once A Month Cooking

I am so excited to have found this new site. It is called Once A Month Mom. Tricia at Once A Month Mom has created a site full of instructions, recipes, and grocery lists to get you started on your once a month cooking.
I love this idea! I have wanted to try it out for a long time but honestly I was always a little intimidated by the idea of cooking everything at once. That and the books at the book store cost about $25. Then I found Tricia's site through mommysnacks.net and I fell in love with it. I seriously can't wait to try it out. How cool would it be to cook all of your meals for the month in eight hours. Tricia said she made a months worth of meals for $75.00.
I think once a month cooking would be great for all of use trying to lose weight on a budget. It will save us time and money. Tricia even has low fat recipes on her menu. I noticed Chicken burgers, Chicken and rice pilaf, taco soup and vegetable soup. I haven't read all of her recipes but I'm sure there are more low fat one's or even one's that could be altered a little to become low fat.
Can you tell that I am so, so excited about this? Click here to check out this cool site. I am definitely going to try out the once a month cooking. I will let you know how it turns out.


Becca said...

I have never heard of anything like that, wow!!!

Unknown said...

I guess you need a big freezer for this process. lol

Thanks for the link I will check it out.


jo said...

I did Once A Month Cooking years ago. I have a few cookbooks. It's hard. It was frustrating in that I would try a new recipe and then have three or four of that in the freezer, and then to find none of us liked it.

I would get exhausted when doing the OAMC. The day before was a huge grocery shopping spree (and I never got away with $75 for the month!) and the next day was busy, busy, busy.

Now what I do is if I have a freezer-friendly recipe, I double it and freeze one. I do little things like freezing my leftovers into pointed servings and throwing them in the freezer.

I'm anxious for you to give it a try, as I'd love some more recipes. Most of my freezer recipes are not WW friendly. I am on my way to check out the link.

Bottom line is I don't really like to cook, it's something I have to do...so that's why I didn't like the day-long cooking spree. I hope it works well for you, though, because it is nice to have it all on hand!

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