Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Little Secret

OK, so I know you have all been waiting to hear about my little secret. I'm sorry I didn't write about it sooner. I just wanted to make sure that I liked it and it was really helping me before I told you all about it.

So here goes. My little secret is actually a drink that I discovered on Saturday. My mom called me and told me that she has been drinking this drink that helps boost your bodies metabolism. She said that it has really helped her control her hunger and stay energized . So I thought I would give it a try.

The drink is called Crystal Light metabolism +. The flavor that I got is Peach Mango Green Tea. It has Green Tea Antioxidants & Caffeine to help boost your metabolism. I was a little leary of it a first because I thought how can a drink help curb your appetite. Well my mom was right. It has helped me to curb my appetite. Since I have started drinking it I have noticed that I really don't get hungry until meal times. This is great because normally I am a big snacker.

I am loving the caffeine in it because I don't have that part of my day when I start feeling really tired and need to eat to stay awake. I just seem to feel so much better since I started drinking it and it tastes great. It is very sweet so I add a little extra water to it. I love anything mango flavored.

The box states that to get the full benefit you need to drink 3 a day. These drinks come in little individual packets that you put in a bottle or cup of water. If you don't like artificial sweeteners this one probably isn't for you. The box states that this is not a weight loss product. It is just a drink that gives you a short term boost in metabolism.

So it isn't a miracle weight loss product but it does make me feel good and I think it helped to contribute to my weight loss this week. The only downfall that I have found with the product so far is that it isn't cheap. I bought three 10 pack boxes for $7.00. This was a great sale price. I am going to Wal-mart tonight so I will check to see if I can get it cheaper their.

If you are looking for something to help boost your energy level and metabolism you should give this a try. Just don't drink it to late at night because the caffeine will keep you from falling asleep.


Unknown said...

Sounds interesting. said...

Thanks for the tip; I may have to try it for a week and see what we think. The caffeine is a bonus since right now we are cutting soda from our diet.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

I am SO going to find these. I've used the Vita Splash powders, but I need something with a little more pick me up in it occasionally and the help with reducing appetite is certainly appealing :) And look at YOU almost ready to go into Onederland!!!

Achieving the Real Me said...

I am loving your blog! I relate to being on a budget and trying to lose weight. Sometimes it is so hard. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Fridge Front Friday idea. I will be checking back in for sure! I can't wait for you to be in "onderland"

Becca said...

This drink sounds so awesome but I don't like the flavor...let's hope they come out with additional flavors :)

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