Friday, March 13, 2009

I Did It!

I really did it.

I joined the gym! Yesterday while my daughter was at her gymnastics class I asked for a tour of the gym. All I have to say is WOW! This place is awesome. I knew that the gymnastics section was incredible but I wasn't expecting the fitness equipment to be equally as incredible. It is great!

The gym has a huge fitness room with tons of machines and weights. The room is seriously huge. Then they have an X-Biking room and an aerobics/kickboxing room. Really, really cool. The locker room is huge with nice lockers, showers, changing rooms and a huge counter with a mirror above and blow dryers. How cool is it that I can exercise, shower, blow my hair dry and put my make up on while my children are in the childcare room. I am super excited!

It gets better. During my tour the young lady told me that I can get a membership for $20.00 a month with no contract because my daughter is in their gymnastics program. Yippee!!! I was also able to buy a child care punch card for $25.00. This gives me 10 visits for my children to be in childcare. That come to $2.50 each time I need them to be watched.

So you are all probably wondering if I tried it out yet. Yep, first thing this morning I piled the kids in the car and headed to the gym. I dropped the kids off in the child care room and got on an elliptical for 30 minutes. I burned 262 calories in 30 minutes. Not bad. I was dieing by the end. I was covered in sweat. I wanted to go longer but I just couldn't. Hopefully I will be able to stay on longer each time. But for now I think I did pretty good and I really felt good when I left.

I am really glad I joined and I am really excited about going to some of the classes they offer. Once I feel a little more comfortable their I'm sure I will try them out.


Crystal said...

Great job on going to the gym. I know from experience the first time is crazy hard. Congratulations...and such a great price too.

Nerd Girl said...

congrats!!! this opens your world to so many more exciting exercises you can do! i am sure you will love it!

Pubsgal said...

Congrats!!! That sounds fantastic! Affordable gym with childcare = priceless!

Twix said...

Go you! High five!! 3o mins! WOW!!! :D

Unknown said...

Cool! Glad you got a deal too!
Elliptical = hell. I cant do that machine!! lol So WTG on the 30 min!


Unknown said...

Congrats on joining the gym!

PS: Hop on over to my "Seriously?" blog, I have something for you.

wildfluffysheep said...

Yay a fellow gym goer. whoop!
*high fives*

slow and steady wins the race. its better to start off pacing yourself. Don't want to over do it. :D

Ashley said...

You've inspired me to head back to the gym in addition to my Shred DVD!

That price is AWESOME for a gym membership! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is great. You are going to lose so much faster now that you are working out. Just make sure that you are taking into account the calories you burn. When I work out I am always hungrier than when I don't work out. You are doing so good. I think this was a step in the right direction. It proves your commitment to losing weight.

Anonymous said...

Im so excited for you!!

did you go yesterday? are you loving it?

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Thanks for all of the support. You guys make me smile! I am really loving the gym. I am actually leaving in a few minutes to go there. Yeah!

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