Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Caved

That's right. I caved. Yesterday my Mom took me out for lunch and shopping for my Birthday. We decided to go to Red Lobster since I enjoyed it so much last weekend.

We were starving when we arrived at Red Lobster and my Mom wanted to order an appetizer because it was my Birthday (That's the excuse we used anyway :)). We debated between the Lobster Cheese Fondue in a bread bowl (pictured below) and the Parrot Bay Coconut Shrimp. We decided on the fondue because we had never had it and it looked amazing. The verdict is that it tasted even better then it looked and my Mom and I ate almost the entire thing. It was awesome!

After the appetizer we got our meals. I ordered the Salmon like last week and my Mom got the Coconut Shrimp and Grilled Garlic Shrimp. So I ate my salad, two of my Mom's coconut Shrimp and two biscuits. I can't believe I did that.

It is funny how your mind works. After I ate the appetizer (which I convinced myself it was OK because we were celebrating my birthday) I figured I may as well eat the biscuits since I already screwed up. It's crazy!

I should have just stopped at the appetizer and it wouldn't have been that bad. Since I didn't I ended up eating 46 Points yesterday. This is 18 Points more then my daily allowance and probably the reason I was up a pound on the scale this morning.

At least I didn't eat my meal. I brought it home and I plan to eat it for lunch today. I can't wait.


Do any of you have the same problem of convincing yourself to eat more since you already ate to much? If not, how do you keep yourself from thinking that way? How do you get past a little pig out and get back on track and eat well the rest of the day?



Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

That's exactly what I used to do when I was Low Carb. I'd buy a 100 calorie pack of something, but since it wasn't low carb, I'd need to finish it that day so I wouldn't 'ruin' the next day too....OY I'm better now that I'm counting calories since they are more fluid. and eating something high in calorie doesn't kill my entire day, I just need to rearrange everything to make up for it.

My nutritionist tells me that we need to judge the week as a whole and each day averages out to a whole, so if you eat a lot one day take it down a little on other days.

Unknown said...

I think what helps me is if I plan for it. If you knew you were headed to Red Lobster get what you want, plan it, track it. I know you might be tempted to get that fondue, so get it, do what you did. You said you have your whole meal leftover to eat today. I wouldn't say that was a total GIVE UP on your part.You could have eaten that as well! lol I can see where adding those 2 biscuits maybe you feel badly for but today you know starts a new day and since your so good at tracking you know how many weeklies you have left. :)

All I can say is you know how many points you ate and I applaud you for that! :)

Oh, and if today wasn't weigh in, that scale # doesn't mean a whole lot TODAY! STOP that daily weighing! LOL

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Lucrecia said...

You will always face these temptations. Just think, next year you won't feel guilty because you will probably be at goal weight!!

Its SO hard for me to hop right back on plan if I blow it. And if I do, I tend to go to the other extreme and eat nothing else for the whole day like I'm punishing myself or something!

I hope you are right back on plan today and can look back at yesterday as an enjoyable one on one day with your mom. Learn from it and it won't be in vain.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!

yes, I do the same thing. I convince myself that since I already ate this, I just need to go ahead and eat this so I can be sure that I REALLY screw myself up. I hate when I do that and know exactly how you feel.

Natalie said...

that is what your flex points are for and if you are out of flex points then you need to get to working on some activity points!!! the smart thing you did was figure your points "damage" rather than ignoring it! that is a step in the right direction.

Wendy said...

i think the same is a vicious cycle...but with practice hopefully we can break it. a new day has come and start fresh again!

Melisa said...

I used to think that way. I think the key for us to make this time be THE time might be to change that mindset. So you went what. Count it and move on. I have tried to pre-plan when possible for things like this and if you can't then try your hardest to just get back on track.

Someone did a great job of making an analogy of this and I can't think of it so try this: If you had been working hard to save something, for example, money. If you accidentally lost or spent some of that money would you say ... oh to heck with it I messed up I may as well spend ALL the money I've been working so hard to save? NO! You'd put a cork on the "leak" and hold on to what you had'd start saving again right? So why would this be any different?

Ok, that anaology really wasn't a good one but I tried. :)

It's difficult - hopefully for all of us it will get easier with time.

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