Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Food :(

Well, I really wasn't planning on doing anything for the Super Bowl this year but last minute my husband suggested we pick up some food and have a little party (just the 4 of us). So after a busy day at the hospital, visiting my husbands 92 year old grandmother, we were all starving. Let's just say we all know the rule about never ever go to the grocery store hungry! I broke the golden rule. I was starving and in a hurry so I bought Shrimp and cocktail sauce (good choice), cheddar bacon potato skins, mozzarella sticks, buffalo chicken bites, jalapeno poppers, sour cream, cheese dip and tostitos, fudge, chocolate chip cookies, Drum Stick Ice cream cones and bologna and cheese. As you can see I was not thinking clearly at that moment. All I could think about was eating and boy did I eat.

I've decided I am not going to get to upset with myself. I really enjoyed myself and I had a large variety of fattening foods but I really didn't eat as much as I used to. I guess occasions like this are going to come up and I just hope each time I will make better choices. But for now I am going to exercise a lot in the next couple days to get some extra points to cover my Super Bowl Food.

What I have learned from this experience:
1. Never go to the grocery store hungry.
2. Don't take your four year old with you.
3. Don't let yourself get to the point of being so hungry that you can't think straight.
4. Always take healthy snacks with you on long road trips.
5. Last but not least. Eat that Drum Stick Ice Cream Cone before you start feeling the guilt :) (just kidding - I'm really glad I didn't eat it)

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