Monday, February 23, 2009

Organizing Coupons

Please don't laugh but this is my coupon organizer. It used to have a cover on it but my husband pulled it out of my purse a few weeks ago and it was so heavy the top pulled off.
I am hoping you guys can help me. I am looking for some suggestions on what to do with my coupons. I have seen a lot of coupon organizers but I really haven't seen any that I like. Actually some of them are pretty expensive. I have seen ones that cost $20.00. I think that is ridiculous. Who wants to spend that much money on something to hold their coupons. You use coupons to save money not to cost you more.
I need something to help me be more organized. It takes me several hours to go through flyers and coupons before I go to the grocery store. I would love to save a little time by keeping my coupons in some organized fashion. Right now I have them separated by store coupons, food coupons and medicine and household coupons. I think I would like to possibly have them divided into more sections.
I would love to hear how you all keep your coupons organized. I could really used some new ideas on what to use as an organizer and how to separate them into categories.


money-savingmommy said...

I just did a post about this very subject! Check it out.

Heather Cacak said...

I'm stalking your blog because you posted a comment on mine, and I love to check out what other people are blogging about. When I saw this post, I just HAD to say something. I have a binder from Wal-Mart (three ring student style), and loaded it with photo pages (again, from Wal-Mart). It's to much to try explaining it via blog comment. lol I'll just take a picture of it and put it on my blog later today. This was sparked by my coupons looking just like your's, and I couldn't take it any long. Plus, I couldn't ever find the coupon I needed. Or they would expire because I didn't know what I had. I went from saving 0 - $5 per month (usually 0) saving at *least* $100.00 per month with coupons. Last month, I saved close to $300.00!!!! And all because they're organized. I could kick myself for not doing this years ago. KICK!!!

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