Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Debbie 100 Calorie Chocolate Cakes

These Little Debbie 100 calorie Chocolate Cakes are seriously dangerous. They are definitely as good as they look. The downfall to these in my opinion is that they are really small for 2 points. I would have to eat the whole box to feel satisfied. I think I could eat a piece of cake with peanut butter icing for less points then it would take me to feel satisfied with these. I do love them but I can't control myself around them so I don't think I will be purchasing them again. To me it feels like they packaged normal fattening cake in very small 100 calorie packages. I would rather have something low fat with a lot of fiber. This way I can eat more and feel fuller at the same time.
Don't get me wrong they are really good and I didn't pay a lot for them because they were on sale and I had two $1.00 off coupons. They are just not something that I want to use two points on. Unfortunately I have another box sitting on my table calling my name. :) Maybe I will save them for snacks for my daughter.


WWSuzi said...

I was sooo bad with those 100 cals packs of everything!! I would end up eating the box and it just wasn't worth it :)
Now i just don't buy any of them.

Shrinking Girl said...

That is my problem with 100 calorie pack things too. I would usually have a small piece of the real deal and be satisfied than have too many packs and not really feel like I've had anything. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same! I also tried the Little Debbie 100 calorie brownies, they are even smaller. I didn't even feel like I was getting a treat.

Unknown said...

"The downfall to these in my opinion is that they are really small for 2 points. I would have to eat the whole box to feel satisfied."

Yup, yup.

Anonymous said...

I saw these the other day, I think they were carrot cake - and I wondered about the size. To fit 8? in a box that small I figured they must be almost just bite sized. Um, yeah - if I could stop at just a bite of cake my rear would not be this large! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol my husband hates when I buy these things because I bought them by accident when I meant to buy him Mini Muffins. He opened the box and told me that the only reason they're 100 calories is because they only have two muffins per pack instead of four! So, he considers them a rip-off because you're getting half the product for the same price.
My current semi-healthy sugary obsession is Honey Maid chocolate graham crackers. They're 130 calories for two sheets, which take some to chew. (I'm a fast eater, and I know that's bad.) They're also low in sugar and fat, so it prevents me from buying cookies, cake, etc.

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