Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Walked On A Lake!

I'm sorry I have been gone for a few days. I spent the weekend in New York visiting my Aunt for her 50th birthday. I had planned on blogging when we were there but it was a crazy busy weekend and both of my daughters were sick. My oldest had croup and was on steroids and we had to take my baby to the emergency room at 1:00 am yesterday because she would not stop crying. She has a really bad double ear infection and upper respitory infection. I did not get much sleep at all on Fri, Sat. and Sunday night so I'm sure you can imagine how well I did eating those couple days. Let's just say I was so tired I ate to stay awake and honestly I can't even remember what I ate. I do know that I ate two donuts, a peice of birthday cake, two mini bagels with low fat cream cheese (sooo good!) and we stopped for fast food twice and went to Olive Garden.
To make it worse I didn't exercise at all. I guess I shouldn't say that. We did go to a winter carnival at Lake George and we walked approximately 3 miles including walking across the frozen lake. I loved it! It was the greatest feeling standing on ice in the middle of a huge lake. I really want to do it again. My husband and I pushed our four year old across it on her behind. She had a snow suit on so she slid really well. She would go flying and then spin in circles before she stopped. She loved it and we loved watching her laugh.
This was definitely a great trip even with no sleep. Did I tell you that I love coffee :). It was wonderful to see my Aunt who lives almost five hours away and to celebrate her 50th birthday with her. She is the best Aunt in the world and I love her so much. Happy Birthday Aunt Diana!
I am hoping that the lack of sleep and the walking we did will counteract all of my eating but I'm pretty sure it won't. So I am going to do my best the next couple days to exercise, drink lots of water and really watch what I eat. I don't want to have another week of gaining weight. Wish me luck!


WWSuzi said...

Sorry to hear the little ones are sick! Hope they're better soon :)
Sounds like a lovely walk and oh well on the eating it's done and over with :)
Hope you have a better week this week!

Anonymous said...

Your poor little pups! Thank goodness you took her to the ER. I had an ear infection a year ago just in my left ear. The pain! Also have reduced hearing in that ear today.

Hope your children are on the mend and that you can get back to your healthy eating and exercising habits.

Anonymous said...

Hope your kids are getting better!

I've only walked across a lake once and it scared the crap out of me - I swore I'd never do it again!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet messages. My girls are feeling a little better today. The baby is still pretty cranky but I'm am hoping that will get better each day.

biz319, I loved your comment. I was scared to walk across the lake at first. Especially since I was taking my babies across with me but then we had so much fun that I quickly forgot about my fear. It is kind of scary to think that we were standing in the middle of a huge lake.

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