Sunday, January 11, 2009

Apples On Salad???

This week started out pretty rough. Thursday night my sister Kristin and her husband Matt had my family over for dinner. She made the best potato soup I have ever had. It had cheese and bacon in it. Unfortunately it was so good that I eat 2 bowls and my second bowl was huge (thanks Matt!) I did try to eat a little healthy. I ate two plates of salad. My sister made a salad with slices of apple on top. It sounds weird but it was excellent. I will probably make my salads like this every time. It definitely keeps a salad from getting boring. You have to try it!
I have tried to make up for my overeating on Thursday by being very careful with what I have been eating the rest of the week and getting in some extra exercise. We went grocery shopping on Friday so my house is stocked with any healthy food you could want. It is great! I will do a post this coming week on how I get healthy food at great prices in order to stay within my budget. I know how expensive it is to eat healthy but I am determined to do it.

I will leave you with a recipe today for Chocolate Cake. I got the idea from Jenny at Frugal Vegcaf. She suggested making chocolate muffins by mixing a can on pumpkin with a box of chocolate cake mix. My daughter wanted to bake a cake this weekend so I figured why not use the pumpkin to make it. She also picked out some icing with sprinkles to put on top. The cake turned out better then any of us expected. My husband said he couldn't tell that it had pumpkin in it. He kept telling me how moist it was. We both decided that we will make it this way every time. It is so much more moist then a regular cake and it is something that I can eat on Weight Watchers. Even with the icing the Weight Watchers points are very low. Thanks again Jenny!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

I can see where apples would probably taste good on a salad. Am going to have to try that. I love salads, but after a while they can get a bit boring. Thanks for the tip!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Apples on a salad does sound good and much cheaper than other fancy toppings.

I forgot to mention another diet cake recipe that I got from a WW friend. Take a can of diet soda and mix it with cake mix and bake. That's it- no eggs or oil. I liked diet cherry coke with devils food. The diet orange soda with white cake was good too. It's not as moist as the pumpkin cake but it is very easy.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

The devils food with diet cherry coke sounds great. I think I have both in my kitchen. I think I will have to let my daughter make another cake when we finish the pumpkin one :). Thanks so much for all of the great recipes.

Anonymous said...

Granny Smith are the best of a salad. :-)

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