Thursday, January 8, 2009

And The Number Is ....

Week 1 - Weigh In:

Well, It has been a week since my journey has begun. I have to say it started out rough but got so much easier by the end of the week. I will admit that on the first night I ate about a 1/3 of a pan of brownies. Let's just say my 8 month old was up all night and the stress got the best of me. The good thing is that I tracked everything I ate on the Weight Watchers web site and I think it helped to be constantly reminded how depressing it was to see how those brownies took away from what I could eat the rest of the week. That is until I went out to eat with my husband for Chinese food. Click here to read the whole story. Other then those two instances I did really great and I am very proud of myself.

Now it is time for what you have all been waiting for. Week 1's Weigh In. Here goes. I am proud to say that I stepped on the scale this morning and I weigh 213 pounds. That is a loss of 3.6 pounds this week (216.6 - 213). I am so excited. Sure, I could have lost more with out eating the brownies and Chinese food but life happens. I hope every stumble I have will help all of us in our journey. I will definitely say that the brownies and Chinese food were not worth the extra pounds I could have lost. I am going to try to remember this every time I am tempted to eat something unhealthy.

Check back later today and tomorrow because I will be listing some tips on how I was able to lose weight this week on a budget.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. You're right, we all stumble. But you pick it up and move on. Keep going!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hey, three and a half pounds is the healthy way to lose weight. Most say that you should not lose more than that a week! Way to go.

Just don't let your stumbles stop you from reaching your goal. I've done that in the past. Keep going Jessica, you are on your way!!!

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